The Story Player open for submissions


Join us in building the online home of audio stories!

Following a successful pilot stage, audio story website The Story Player (run by NSSW organisers, Stories Unlimited C.I.C.) is now welcoming submissions of story audio content.

While Stories Unlimited C.I.C. will continue to produce its own audio content, it also now plans to host and stream stories by third parties.

What are we looking for?

Audio stories read by the author or a professional actor, of high quality recording and production values, in the English language. Stories should have been published by a traditional or indie publisher (sorry, but we can’t accept self-published stories at the moment). You must own the online broadcasting rights and copyright in any recordings you submit (if your story is streamed from The Story Player these rights will remain with you).

We also welcome audio recordings of author interviews and panel discussions e.g. from author events, literary festivals.

We are happy to consider actor recordings of out-of-copyright stories.

We would love to hear from traditional and indie publishers with any innovative ideas about how their audio content could engage our audience and help promote their authors.

How to submit

Submissions can be sent any time between 14th November 2016 and 14th January 2017. In the first instance, we’re inviting interested parties to email us with some information about their audio stories.


If we think your audio story could find an audience on The Story Player then we’ll be in touch to chat about it further.

Please email the following information to producers[@]

Title of story
Date of first publication
Date of recording
Word length
Brief synopsis
Links to author/publisher/actor websites.

Thanks – we look forward to reading your submission!

Just to let you know …

We hope to get lots of submissions from around the world, but as we are a small team of volunteers, we’ll only be able to get in touch if we think your audio will be a good fit for The Story Player. It may not be possible to host all of the stories which are submitted.

The Story Player is a not-for-profit project, and Stories Unlimited C.I.C. is a community interest company. As such, there will be no charge to listeners to access any audio content, or any charges or payments to third party content providers. The Story Player will cover all hosting and streaming costs for all content, and will not make any profit from third party content. Story producers will be able to include links to official websites and relevant online store/purchase information. All copyrights will remain with the story writers/producers, who can remove their content at any time should they no longer wish it to appear on the site.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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