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National Short Story Week

What is National Short Story Week?

National Short Story Week is an annual awareness event. Its aim is to focus the attentions of the public and the media on the short story and short story writers, publishers and events. It is intended as a framework for promoting literary events and publications at a national and local level.

What are the aims of National Short Story Week?

The aims of National Short Story Week are to:

1) get more people reading and listening to short stories;

2) get more people writing short stories;

3) develop creative and commercial opportunities for individuals and organisations involved in the short story form.

Who is behind National Short Story Week?

The idea for National Short Story Week came from independent publisher and audio producer Ian Skillicorn. Ian has been producing and broadcasting short stories, and supporting the work of both new and established short story writers, for many years. As the Director of National Short Story Week, Ian has responsibility for making sure people know about and take part in National Short Story Week.

The aims of National Short Story Week are supported by independent experts in the fields of publishing, broadcasting and performing, and are shared by a large number of individual writers and readers, publishers and literary organisations (see our banner at the bottom of the website).

The publicity and media campaign, including this website, for National Short Story Week, is managed by Stories Unlimited C.I.C., a not-for-profit community interest company. Stories Unlimited C.I.C has been approved by the Community Interest Regulator to organise and promote an annual National Short Story Week.

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