A message from NSSW patron Katie Fforde

Katie Fforde“I was delighted to be asked to support National Short Story Week. Short stories have so much to offer, both to the reader and the writer. For the reader, the small but perfect dip into fiction, for the writer the satisfaction of creating something whole without having to write a hundred thousand words. They give reader and writer a chance to explore other genres of fiction, being it literary, crime, horror or romance – something that they might not usually try.

National Short Story Week has been created to bring this underrated form to the public’s attention. We want writers to go into libraries and bookshops to give readings (invite other short story writers to share the event if you prefer), to encourage book groups to read anthologies instead of a novel for this particular week, and generally make short stories what everyone is talking about.

And let us not forget about the joy of being read to. Serials are often frustrating because you miss episodes, or you don’t like how they’ve been abridged. Something written to be heard or read at a sitting is very much more satisfying. Tune in to Short Story Radio and listen out when short stories are broadcast on Radio 4. Let’s get everyone reading, writing and listening to short stories in this designated week.”

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